Synthesis papers

A synthesis paper differs from a rhetorical analysis and objective summaries by gathering ideas from many sources, and putting it together into a paper. In other words, it’s organizing information around a theme.The goal of a synthesis is to get a result of an integration of what you heard/read, and your ability to use this learning to develop and support a key thesis or argument. What made this paper hard was to look and respect other people’s views without only focusing on your own view. Throughout the whole paper you want to state your opinion, but you can’t just focus on your words, better yet other words/opinions. What was easy about this paper was being able to have articles to choose from, so that you can pick the specific articles to focus on. Synthesis that relates in my everyday life is while I watch TV or more specific, movies. Every time I’m watching a movie or a TV series I always have to find out a way to understand what the movie was about. Putting together recent scenes allows me to understand what may be coming up later on in the movie, helping me figure out the thesis.


Drug Use In sports Research

My research reveals that mostly everyone has the same perspective on drug use in sports. Most athletes want to better themselves to keep them steady in the pros o wherever they’re playing, as oppose to the athletes that use their God gifted talent. Some controversies would be that some are forced into enhanced drugs, some may be tricked by anyone, and many others. I feel like athletes who may be tricked into it have a good enough excuse if they’re eventually caught. But anyone who is aware of their attempt can be guilty of their actions. I plan to search more on the internet, and books to actually find out more perspective on this topic

war on drugs

This blog talks about the issue of how much money the war puts into it the elimination of drugs. I picked this blog because I feel like it’s a common issue that we here about in our society every day. The fact that there are over $23 billion spent to eliminate drugs from society is crazy. But these are the illegal drugs that don’t affect our society as much as legalĀ  drugs do. If I were to take something from this person’s blog, I would look at the links that are related to this person’s topic. Although, I believe that this person could go deeper into his details about his personal reflection on his topic.

Rhetorical Analysis Rough Draft

I feel like the rough draft on my rhetorical analysis rough draft was off to a good start. There’s obviously little things that I can fix such as adding my quotations on parts where I quote the author, and making a little more sense in my explanations because there were some parts where I kind of drifted off into what I was actually talking about. Either revising or just taking out some of the unneeded and confusing material would make the paper more effective. Also, there are times where I start to explain my opinion as oppose to touch base on the author’s examples. For example, I used a few words where I sounded like I agreed with the opposing audience, and that’s negative in an rhetorical analysis essay.

Coach Kill’s seizure

On September 10, 2011. Former NIU head coach, coach Kill has had his 3rd seizure as being a coach for football. With seconds to go in the final game, losing to New Mexico State 28-21 coach kill collapsed. The next day, Kill’s testing results came out normal and he is in better condition, however the doctors don’t know when he will be released.

This topic has brought interest to me because coach Kill has been a head coach here for NIU football for many years, and he’s still known as family for some of us huskies. Even though he has left us to be a head coach at Minnesota, we still know that he has love for us former school. The fact that coach Kill’s seizure wasn’t any more severe than it was is very good news, and I hope that this seizure was his third and final seizure to happen to him.

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